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Our mission is to assist clients in the awareness that anything and everything is possible.  By tapping into a new vibration and attaching to a different frequency Anu Life created.


Bringing spirituality into the world of healing through vibrational attachments



Hi my name is Dr Anu and I am the owner of The Anu Practice. My journey began after being condemned to hell by family and friends for using my spiritual abilities. My spiritual mentor showed me how to accept myself and my gifts. Our journey led me to self validation from the god within.


After years of giving spiritual readings I could feel my clients wanting more and that more was healing. I went on to get my Doctorate in metaphysics so I could understand life from a spiritual perspective. I then went on to receive my life coaching certificate through ICF and continued my education through John Maxwell. 


My goal is to show my clients how to honor their inner voice, that is how I navigate my life.